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Organization Sign-Up Agreement

Welcome to SportsOffice! We look forward to serving you. Here are a few agreements necessary to proceed.

  1. I have read both the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of SportsOffice, LLC. As both the Chief Executive Officer of my organization and a potential Parent/Guardian user in my organization, I agree with the terms and conditions contained in them.
  2. I understand that, in signing up my organization, I am intentionally submitting my personal information to both SportsOffice, LLC and my organization's online files. I also understand that I am submitting my organization's information to SportsOffice, LLC.
  3. On behalf of my organization, I understand and agree that SportsOffice, LLC is a service I am freely electing to use. I agree to take full responsibility for the results of this use and to hold SportsOffice, LLC harmless for both content posted by and the handling of the personal information by my organization's users.


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